Tips for passing the game The Matrix: Path of Neo. Down up

Down up

We run along the corridor into the hall with a lot of columns. We have to defeat three enemies to continue our mission.

We run on another corridor. Approximately halfway we are attacked by two pumpeds. We remove them and run into the next room.

In this hall we must kill more bandits of merindoving. Be careful - we are fighting near the boilers. Sometimes they explode, and such an explosion can kill us.

After we get rid of all our enemies here, we go to another corridor. No one is waiting for us here, but in the last room there are some guys.

When we kill all the gangsters of Meroving, he teleports us where we started the level. Now we keep your eyes open, because the enemies jump out of the walls.

We run into the first room - it seems empty, but in each column wait for the enemy until we get closer. Here you need to kill 12 enemies. We can't take breaks before battles. Always at least one guy should be alive before we free another. If we do it right, we get a portfolio (it will appear in the middle of the hall). If we do not get it, it means that we did something wrong.
After we kill all enemies here, the door will open (as before). Here we are waiting for two more bandits of merindoving. They jump out of the walls.

In the next hall, our enemies include an electric current that flows through metal grilles on the walls and through the tables. It is better for us to touch them, but instead we throw our enemies there - they instantly die. Some of them even kill themselves.

Now we run on the next corridor. Here we are waiting for four enemy.

The last chamber is waiting for an extremely rigid enemy. We kill him, combining a hand-to-hand attack with fiery power. But the first thing we do is jump on the platform hanging in the center of the hall, and select a grenade launcher.

We are struggling like this: we shoot our enemy, still approaching when we are close enough, hide our weapons and enter the hand-to-hand fight. We attack it with a powerful blow, for example, "code violator." After that, our enemy disappears - he is trying to restore his life. We cannot let him do it. We turn on the code vision and determine our goal.

After we killed him, we were brought to a round room. Now it's time for the yellow door.

Burly Braw.

It's time for a very spectacular battle with many copies of the former Smith agent.

We are starting a fight with several enemies. After some time, more and more of them are running around the square. Now we jump to one of the buildings and take a metal pillar. We ruthlessly slipping Smiths.

Our struggle leads to the destruction of the surrounding buildings. After all four buildings are collapsed, the Rumba programs will disappear, and neo will fly away. Remember - after the murder of about 30 former agents in the center of the square, a portfolio will appear. This is a combo "The One". Our exclusive 1Xbet Promo Code gives you a VIP sports bonus that is a 100% match on your first deposit worth up to €/$130 (or your country’s currency equivalent). We’ll reveal how to claim it using our 1XBET sign up code in the next section. For casino lovers, you should check out our other exclusive 1XBET bonus: up to €1950 in bet credits, as well as 150 free spins to use on selected slot games. Remember that 1XBET doesn't accept players from restricted territories and our coupon code can be used for every section.