Description of movies # 916

1. Home Heroine, Angelica, young female student. She has everything you need: an apartment that got from grandmother, loyal girlfriends, she learns well and is a favorite of teachers. There is one thing, but: she has too large weight - as many as 99 kg. Because of this, it is complex and is constantly upset, besides the young man who she likes, does not even look in her direction. But from Buns with jam at night, she can't refuse. Despite this trouble, she still remains a cheerful and cheerful man.

And once her dream came true, she woke up as a weightless half of the beauty. Of course, her happiness was not the limit, her dream came true. Sednikomers and girlfriends with her admire, the same guy invites on a date, but it became much easier to live. Only here are the snag: for incomprehensible reasons, at the most inopportune moment, Angelica from slim beauty turns back into a plump girl with double chin and chic volumes. And so every day is a thin, the fatty. How to live a girl with such a feature? Will Angelica skillfully use it and does it solve the secret of mysterious magic?

2. The main hero of Oscar, this is such a charming lizard, a lot of funny tests were deed. Once in the desert, he has to get out of all possible ways and invent where to get to eat and drink. Such a way of life is difficult to imagine without fun adventure stories and some troubles that happen from time to time.

Next to Harci, Harci, the tricky hyena, the Buck and Fox and Fox. Their common house is long forgotten, pretty school bus is pretty. In such a company, Oscar has to defend each discovery, because those who want to assign a lot of them. In order not to die from boredom in the desert terrain, the heroes will not only be looking for water and food, but also to have fun at least a bit. They come up with all sorts of malicious practices, and suffers from them, mainly Oscar.

But he is not from stupid guys, therefore always comes out of the winner position and arranges response tests. Local crocodiles, chickens, truck driver, which case passed by, dog Roco and others join them. All these incidents are accompanied by religious moments and curious situations, in general the viewer will not have to miss. The portal has its own mobile version, which shows that the gambling establishment was created "seriously and for a long time." The mobile casino offers a full range of games available on all devices without exception, as they are all built on HTML5 format, which means that they will work well on all OS and screens of any size.