How to find a club in Piranha Bytes?

At the beginning of the location, switch to the cyborg and open the blue magnetic levers using Magnet Suit. When the scene appears, ask two of your characters to jump over the ropes on both sides of the curtain, and it will open. In the award you get a mini set. Playing for a cheetah or green lantern, start digging bricks from a pile of dirt. By completing the task, build the generator and go to it like Batman. After charging, you will get a mini set. Attention! Nearby there is no active generator from which you could take energy, so you need to unlock unlimited energy for red bricks.

You can get the third mini-set using the hook on each duck in the lake. You will collect the fourth mini-set using the hook on the roofs that you see on the map. The last roof is available when you fight Mignon Brajniak. You have to destroy it before killing the last minion, otherwise you will have to restart the mission.

You will get the fifth mini-set using the Grande. Stand on the platform you see in the picture, and he digs for you a vehicle. Use it and go to the other side. You will find a bunch of dirt. Use it as a green lantern, and you will get a mini set.

The sixth mini-set can be collected in the part where the phone booth is blocking. Fly on the building and destroy the white billboard. From bricks built your own helicopter. Go to the fountain, inside you will find a mini-set. You will find the next mini-set in the place shown on the map. To gather it, you need to have an atom. Use its ability to decrease and fly in a hole in the ground. Go to the middle of the intersection, and you will get a mini set.

The eighth mini-set can be obtained using Brainiac. Go to a small building that can be seen in the picture, and use a special ability to increase it. Opening the door, destroy objects inside, and you will get a mini set. The next mini-set can be found in the greenhouse on the right. To get inside, you need to go left and use a plastic person on the red window that you see in the picture. Reaching there, you can collect a mini set.

You can get the last mini-set after the destruction of several flags of Italy. To save Adam, use the terminal shown on the map. You will see several ships appearing on the right. Build a platform using ships, and you will save Adam. Go to the building shown on the map, and destroy the Golden Barrier using a superman laser. When the fire breaks, use the platform as a plastic person to get a red brick. Use the Melbet Promo Code when opening an account at to get the online betting site's biggest free bet offer. An extra 30% bonus is available when you make your first deposit using this code, giving new players a 130% deposit bonus in total! There are a couple of different welcome bonus offers available, so you must decide which one best suits your style of betting. This page will explain all you need to know, how to claim each offer, and much more.